The Lords Reproach to The Messenger of His Family and Companions Models and Applications


  • Inst. Prof. Zain Al-Abidin Abdel Hamid Ismail


reproach, guiding reproach, warning reproach


The reproach contained in the Qur’anic verses was indeed correct for the Chosen One, for God Almighty rebuked Adam (peace be upon him) where He Almighty said: (And Adam disobeyed his Lord and went astray) and Adam and Moses (peace be upon them) became with their Lord, so Adam and Moses (peace be upon them) performed Hajj. Peace be upon him. Then Moses (peace be upon him) said: You are the one whom God created with His hand and breathed His spirit into you, and His angels prostrated before you, and made you dwell in His Paradise. Then you brought the people to earth with your innocence. Adam (peace be upon him) said: You are Moses, God has chosen you with His message and with His words.

And I will give you funding in which everything will be clarified and you will be brought close to salvation. For how much did I find that God wrote the Torah before you created me? Moses (peace be upon him) said: Forty, nothing. Adam (peace be upon him) said: Did you find in it (And Adam disobeyed his Lord and went astray?) He said: Yes. He said: So you blame me for doing something that God wrote for me to do forty years before He created me.

I chose four verses, the first of which is about jihad for the sake of God and defending Muslims’ prohibitions, the second is about calling people to God, and the third is about Family planning “adoption”, and the fourth was religious advice.

I say: I am not one of the orientalists or those who challenge religion, who fish in troubled waters. Rather, I was a searcher for scientific truthPurely, and the events that took place in the verses with which the Lord of Glory and Majesty admonished the Messenger of God (may God bless him and grant him peace), reproaching the lovers, and these are the divine reproaches Do not violate infallibility; Because they are things that the Lawgiver intended based on wisdom, some of which we know, and some of which are hidden from us...

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