Illicit Gains in Society


  • Sumaya Muhammad Kazem Prof. Adnan Farhan Khamis


fraud, bribery, usury, evidence of prohibition


The Research deals with issues related to illegal gains in society by explaining the evidence of its prohibition in the Holy Qur’an, in the narrations, and consensus. The Imami scholars and scholars of the four schools of thought agreed on the prohibition of this type of gain. I mentioned in this research some of the scholars’ sayings that confirm the prohibition of this gain. Whether it is through fraud in sales, bribery in the eyes of judges, or through usury in transactions: Al-Sayyid Al-Khoei mentioned his statement regarding the issue of fraud “that cheating is forbidden without dispute or suspicion”, and as for Al-Ghazali, he said “that cheating is forbidden in all sales and trades”. As for the subject of bribery, Sheikh Al-Shirazi said “Shiite scholars and Sunnis have agreed that bribery is as forbidden for the one who takes a bribe as it is for the briber”as they relied on the words of the greatest Messenger Muhammad “may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family” “May God curse the briber and the bribe-taker”. Concerning, usury, Al-Nawawi conveyed the consensus of Muslims on the issue of prohibiting usury in general, and that it is one of the greatest sins.

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