The doctrine of Imamate in the thought of the Fatimid preacher Ahmad Hameed Al-Kermani


  • Dr. Haider Jaber Abdel Rubaie


Al-Kirmani, Imamate, text, Ismailism


This study focuses on the modern discussion of the proponent who called for it, Ismailism and its prominent philosophers and theorists. The proponent was Hujjat al-Iraqiyyin Ahmad Hameed al-Kermani, who played a pioneering and leading role in interpreting and explaining many of the beliefs of Ismailism, especially the issue of Imamate - the subject of the study - by demonstrating it according to a sound scientific approach and proving its legitimacy with reference to the Quran, Prophetic traditions, as well as narrations from the infallible pure Imams from the progeny of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). It is discussed in a scientific and practical manner using evidence and proofs. The first title cames under the name of the life of Al-Da'i Al-Kirmani, and the second carries the doctrinal implication of worship among the Ismailis, and the third under the name of evidence that led to the existence of the Imam. The fourth comei with a title on imamate and proving its obligation, and fifth with a title on proving the infallibility of the Imam and proving it. The sixth is titled "Proving invalidity of choosing an Imam by consensus", and seventh under "Proving validity of imamate through textual evidence from God and His Messenger". The eighth is titled "Proving imamate after Prophet for Amir al-Mu'minin Ali ibn Abi Talib through Quranic texts", followed by conclusions reached.

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