Andalusia is a center of cultural exchange with the cultures of the Mediterranean


  • Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-Aamri - Prof. Dr. Maher sabri kadhim


When the state of Andalusia was established in the Iberian peninsula during the Middle Ages, and after all the elements of civilized development and scientific creativity were available in it, the Andalusian city of Cordoba became an Islamic capital for the gathering of scholars, researchers, thinkers, and jurists, as well as the issuance of scientific and literary literature, all of which was the result of a civilizational exchange with the Mediterranean countries. In the matter of creativity, development, construction, renewal, and intellectual cross-pollination, this was evident through the urban development of mosques, palaces, forts, and towers, the establishment of gardens and parks, the interest in music and the holding of public celebrations and religious holidays.

Keywords: Al-Andalus, civilization, Cordoba, Islam, medieval history, Morocco

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