The Emergence of Monasticism and The Spread of Monasteries in England Until 1485A.D


  • Asst. Prof. Emad Abdulaziz Youssef Zaid Mohamed Hussein


     this research studied one of the most important religious movements that the Christian world witnessed, represented by monasticism، which emerged as a result of many factors, most notably: the exposure of the early Christians to persecution during the era of the roman empire، the spread of corruption in roman society and its transmission to the church، not to mention the miserable economic conditions suffered by the poor, the monasticism arose in the countries of the east and escaped from it to the European west, and it passed through many stages, most notably the monastery stage، and England are one of the first western European countries to enter monasticism، and large numbers of monasteries were built in it، and with the passage of time, the English monastic institution became the richest religious institution after the church، until it became comparable to the English monarchy.

Keywords: (Christianity, Monastic، Monasteries، St. Benedicts، England).

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