Russian aggressions on the Ottoman lands (1556- 1774)


  • Prof. Dr. Hasan Zghair Huzaim


       The first Russian aggression on the lands of the Ottoman Empire dates back to 1556, when Russia occupied the Ottoman city of Astrakhan, to gain access to warm waters to deliver its goods through the Ottoman straits to the Mediterranean. Then Russia occupied the lands of Crimea and Moldova in 1671. Then Russia occupied the Azov Castle in 1696. The Ottoman Empire was forced to sign the Istanbul Armistice in 1700, which recognized Russia's occupation of its lands. Then Russia launched an aggression a7gainst Russia in 1768, which lasted until 174, with the conclusion of the Kochr Kinarji treaty, according to which Russia acquired lands between the Dnieper and Buk rivers and Kinburn Castle on the Black Sea. And Russia became entitled to transfer its trade in the Black Sea and the Ottoman Straits without paying its ships passage fees

Keywords:.Azov fortress, Crimea, Ottoman gorges, Serbia       

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