The White Army and its role in the Russian Civil War 1917- 1922


  • Dr. Enas Sa'adi Abdullah


The arrival of the Bolsheviks to power has led to an increase in the forces opposing them, whether socialist forces, bourgeois forces, or supporters of the former Tsarist army, and all of this led to the outbreak of the Russian civil war since the first day that the Bolsheviks seized power, that is, on October 25, 1917. At the time At the same time, each of the central countries, especially Germany, and the allied countries, especially Britain, France, the United States, and Japan, as well as obtaining the help of the Czech Legion inside the Russian territories, decided to intervene in the Russian internal conflict. Soon, all foreign parties entered Russia and participated directly in the civil war between the warring forces that were divided into two parts, the Bolsheviks on the one hand, and the socialist forces and the white right-wing forces, who obtained the help of the Allied countries who wanted to overthrow the Bolshevik regime on the other hand. During the outbreak of the civil war, the generals of the tsarist army managed to form an army known as the White Army, which was founded in February 1918 and was composed of a small group of officers, military students, university students, and even high school students, and its armament and equipment were meager. And soon his strength increased as a result of the help of the Allied forces, especially Britain, France and the United States.

Keyword: White Army-Russia-Civil War-Red Army-Bolsheviks

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