The Events of Iraq and the World in 1920 in the light of the Iraqi newspaper Al-Istiqlal


  • Mohammed Ayad Ibrahim


The study analyzed what was published by the Iraqi newspaper Al-Istiqlal. Certain incidents were dealt with and not others, in order not to repeat them. The study dealt with the events that Iraq went through and affected it, such as the form of the system of government and the prevailing economic and social conditions. and the role of the national resistance to promote popular forces, The study analyzed the political reality of some European countries and the conflicts resulting from the imposition of their conditions by the victors, and the ability of the resistance peoples to benefit from global changes in light of the spread of the revolutionary Bolshevik thought, which believed in military force as an ideal tool, and how Bolshevism considered the material and moral aspect of the capabilities of peoples the vital field to achieve higher goals that were calling for with it, believing on one side of the fact that it is correct.

Keywords: Provisional Government, First World War, Resistance, Bolsheviks

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