Echoes of economic developments in IraqIn Al-Ahram newspaper, April 13, 1966 - July 17, 1968


  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Haider Ali Toban


The economic factor is a major reason for the stability of governments and the success or failure of their policies towards their people, and the accompanying continuation or demise of the political system, and a measure of the extent of cooperation of the governments of the countries of the region in particular and the countries of the world in general with that government. From this standpoint, Al-Ahram newspaper followed the economic developments of Iraq after the death of the former president Abd al-Salam Muhammad Aref on April 13, 1966, until the fall of the customary regime on July 17, 1968, especially since Iraq at that time had clear intentions to join the United Arab Republic. The Egyptian government's sensors were clear through Al-Ahram newspaper, which kept pace with the economic developments and changes in the economic situation in Iraq during that critical and sensitive period.

    The research is divided into first: the economic conditions during the era of former President Abd al-Salam Muhammad Aref, second: the echo of economic developments in Iraq on the internal level April 13, 1966 - July 17, 1968 in Al-Ahram newspaper, and third: economic developments and the Iraqi governments' dealings with them on the external level during the era of President Abdul Rahman Muhammad Aref and fourth: the echo of the Iraqi oil policy in Al-Ahram newspaper 1966-1968, as well as the conclusion, which contained a number of conclusions. 

reached a number of conclusions: Al-Ahram newspaper showed that the political situation was reflected in the economic reality in Iraq after the death of former President Abd al-Salam Muhammad Aref and until the revolution July 17, 1968, and that the turmoil and change of governments have changed the state’s economic policies, and this was clearly reflected in the relations between Iraq and Egypt, especially the apathy that afflicted them, despite some attempts that were made for economic coordination between the two parties, but this coordination did not rise to a great degree.

Keywords: economic developments, Abdul Rahman Aref, Al Ahram, oil

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