Al-Sayegh clarified what Al-Hariri (d. 516 AH) organized in the Al-Arabi press regarding


  • وليد ذياب عباس سلمان، أ.م.د ميساء طه خماس


nouns that are prepositional, as Al-Hariri says:

the preposition is in the proper declining noun... with the letters hun when it is said describe.From and to and in and until and on..... and about and since and then God forbid and without As Al-Sayegh explained how the correct accusative noun is inflected, enumerating the prepositions and explaining their meanings, and Al-Sayegh mentioned other prepositions, including: Baa’, Kaf, Lam, and Rabb.Al-Sayegh began by mentioning (who) because it is the mother of the door. It is a preposition that enters the apparent, and the pronoun; It says: (I took from Zaid) and (I heard from him); He mentioned meanings to her.

 Al-Sayegh mentioned a difference in the preposition (of) the extra, and he stipulated that it comes after a negation or its likeness, which is the prohibition and the interrogative, and its preposition is a noun, and it is either a subject or a subject or a subject, and thus he follows the opinion of Sibawayh and the audience of the Basrans. Al-Sayegh clarified that (rab) is a preposition that indicates diminishing, and it is specific to entering the apparent and the indefinite without the accusative, and it has precedence in speech, as Al-Sayegh did not mention the opinion of the Kufans regarding the noun (Lord); He was satisfied with mentioning the opinion of the visuals; Whoever sees that (rabb) is a preposition, and he is thus in support of the Basrans without mentioning that explicitly, and from the foregoing, I see that the opinion of the Basrans is more likely, for the reasons that have been mentioned, as (rabb) is a preposition because it comes to a meaning in others like the rest of the letters, Noun signs are not good in it, and the precedence of it in speech is not sufficient for its noun, as the Kufans see, as it indicates a reduction, and the reduction of a thing is close to its negation, and therefore it is comparable to the letter of negation, and the letter of negation has the precedence in speech

Al-Sayegh only mentioned the nouns that are prepositional and the nouns that are in addition; He did not mention the preposition by dependence, and the dependencies are five: affirmation, adjective, sympathy statement, allowance, and conjunction with a letter, and Al-Sayegh mentioned: When purely adding, it is permissible to separate the genitive from the genitive.

As for the preposition by addition, Al-Sayegh defined it as: ((leaning the thing to the thing and attributing it to it; the first: genitive, and the second: genitive to it, and they are reduced by the auxiliary compound to the status of a single noun; therefore the noun was dropped.

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