Al-Harf in Hashiyat al-Hariri al-Harfushi on al-Fakihi’s explanation of Qatr al-Nada by Ibn Hisham al-Ansari


  • محمد صباح محمد، أ.د. عبدالزهرة زبون


The letter in the language is the party; And from it it is said: the letter of the mountain; any party; so name a letter; because it comes at the tip of speech; And as soon as it was said: What is its limit? It was said: What came to meaning in other than it, and the grammarians defined it - that is, with many limits.

The letter is the third division of the three words, and it degenerates from the rank of the verb as in the verb from a rank, because the noun informs about it and with it as it is known, and the verb informs about it, and does not inform about it, and the letter does not inform about it or about it.

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