The command style in the hair of the Bakr bin Wael tribe


  • Shaima Thakher Hussein، Prof. Dr. Zina Abdul Jabbar Muhammad


The command verb or: command (formula) in the science of grammar is one of the three categories of the verb. The command: requesting the action in the manner of entrusting and obligating something that did not happen before the request، and the command verb is based on what is asserted by its present tense. The command has four forms، including the formula (do) that is not This formula is only for the addressee، and the formula (to do) is a second formula in the command of the addressee، which differs from the formula (do) in that it indicates the affirmation of the command، and the formula (the noun of the verb of the command)، which are verbs that used the use of nouns، and the purpose of which is brevity and abbreviation، and the fourth formula (source_ The representative of the command verb)، the infinitive _ comes to represent the subject of the subject، such as (be patient، patient).

Keywords: command style، Bakr bin Wael tribe poetry، demand methods

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