Quotation in the poetry of Sarsari (656 AH)


  • Prof. Dr. Zina Abdul Jabbar Muhammad


Al-Sarsari is considered one of the most famous poets of prophetic praise. He studied the sciences of hadith, jurisprudence and language, and his poetry was distinguished by the Sufi spirit, and he used to prolong his praises to the Prophet, as the number of verses of his poem called (The Bright Garden in the Brilliant Ethics of Muhammad Al-Mustafa) reached eight hundred and fifty verses, and for this we adopted the study of quotation in his poetry as a rhetorical term concerned with it The poet recites the Holy Qur’an or the hadith of the Prophet as a basic building block in his poetry.

    The research section is divided into two axes: the first is the definition of the term quotation and its types of direct quotation and indirect quotation, and the second axis was applied models in Sarsari's poetry. And we concluded that the religious effect is clear in his poetry because the overriding purpose of his poetry is the prophetic praise.

Keywords:  Sarsari, quotation, rhetoric, the science of the beautiful.


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