Rhythm in the poetry of Shihab al-Din al-Talafari (d. 675 AH)


  • Prof. Dr. Abdul Jabbar Adnan Hassan


In the seventh century AH, many poets appeared who composed good and varied poetry for various purposes, and most of them were contemporary with the entry of the Mongols into Baghdad and the fall of the Abbasid caliphate in the year 656 AH, and the destruction and ruin that befell the various fields of life, the most important of which is the cultural life. An Iraqi from Mosul Al-Hadbaa, we studied the rhythm in his poetry, so the title of our research was (Rhythm in the Poetry of Shihab Al-Din Al-Talafari). The most prominent results that we reached in this research.Keywords: rhythm, talafari, the Mongolian era, poets of the seventh century AH.

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