Psychological dimensions in the novel The Memory of orbits by Nasserah Al-Saadoun, a study in the light of the psychological approach


  • Dr. Rabab Hashim Hussain


     The psychological narration method is one of the most prominent methods that were demonstrated by the novelist Nasira Al-Saadoun to realize the crisis of reality, reveal it and communicate it to the reader. The memory of orbits came loaded with the cracks of reality and its psychological effects on its characters, and Nasira Al-Saadoun followed in her novel the psychological narrative style, from which all the psychological dimensions of the elements of the novel appear, and she followed the method International novelists, such as Madame Pedvary and Flaubert's novel The Sound and the Fury (Foctre), and the overlap between the ego and collective consciousness.

Keywords: psychological dimensions, psychological narrative, reality and its psychological effects, the overlap between the ego and collective consciousness, fragmentation of reality in light of wars and setbacks.

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2023-09-01 — Updated on 2023-09-02