Temporal and spatial variation of cases of low temperatures to zero degrees Celsius and below in Iraq


  • Mohammed Saad Mohammed, Dr. Bushra Ahmed Juad


         The research aims to study cases of low temperatures to zero Celsius or below in Iraq، for the period (1988 - 2020) and for nine main climatic stations، as it was found that the category (0) - (-0.9) ° C with a frequency of 586 and the category (-1) - (-1.9) °C with 388 repetitions، the (-2) - (-2.9) °C with 233 repetitions، and the (-3) - (-3.9) °C with 131 repetitions، it was more frequent than The extremely low categories are category (-4) - (-4.9)°C with 71 repetitions، category (-5) - (-5.9)°C with 50 repetitions، and category (-6) - (-6.9)°C with repetition. 17، and category (-7) - (-7.9) ° C with 7 repetitions، and category (-8) - (-8.9) ° C، which recorded 2 repetitions at the Mosul station، and most of the occurrences of these categories were recorded during December، January، February، March and November That is، during the winter، early spring، and late fall، as the clear spatial variation appears in the frequency of these categories between the northern stations، which the Mosul station acquied the highest frequency and for most of the categories، followed by the Rutba station، then the Baghdad and Kirkuk stations، and the least is the Basra station. As for the annual frequencies، we also find that they vary From year to year for all categories and for all stations، but in general it was more frequent in the nineties، to decrease in the first decade of the millennium، to return to normal. Rar in the second decade of the millennium. 

  Keywords: temperature، minimum temperature frost، the category. 

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