Future directions for the urban expansion trends of the cities of Mandali and Qazania


  • Lubna Sattar Ibrahim، prof. Dr. Muhammad Salih Rabie


The research dealt with predicting the future of the two cities in terms of population، number of families، area، and urban land uses until the target year، 2036، and then assessing the spatial suitability for the future urban expansion of the cities of Mandali and Qazania in order to direct their expansion in more appropriate directions than others by examining the factors affecting urban expansion and analyzing their impact  Spatially، through what is provided by Geographic Information Systems (GIS) by applying the Spatial Analyst) and conducting a weighted matching process for factors affecting urban expansion according to the relative importance of each of them، as the results showed that the best direction for the expansion of the city of Mandali is northwest، west and southwest.  As for the city of Qazania، the research concluded that the best direction for its future expansion is the northwest direction.

Keywords: urban expansion، spatial adequacy، expansion trends

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2023-09-01 — Updated on 2023-09-02