Geomorphological analysis of morphometric parameters in Balkans valley basin


  • Sadiq abed alhusse، Ahmed abed alsattar-


      The stud aims at the geomorphological analysis of the morphometric parameters in the Balkans valley Basin. which is located in the mountainous region of Iraq in the northeastern part of it within Erbil Governorate، and occupies an area of 1137.63 km.، in addition to its importance because it is considered an important water resource for the population and development project because there are agriculture areas and extract the drainage not work by adopting modern techniques represented by remote sensing and geographic information systems the ratio of its roundness was (0.45) which is low،few from roundness. it approximates the rec angular ship and elongation (0.80).and the ratio of indentation within terrain character is tics was (0.064) it was estimated to retreat towards the viper sources and activity of erosion processes the value of the high ruggedness indicates an increase in the erosion of the basin reaching (7.73).in addition to the value of nistometreic compaction amounted to (0.371) widen indicates the basin progresses in to old age.

Keywords: morphometric - Balkan -geomorphology.                         

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2023-09-01 — Updated on 2023-09-02