Hydrological assessment of the possibility of rainwater harvesting (Wadi Ghriba case study)


  • Mustafa Anwar Aziz, prof. Dr. Muhammed Bahjat Thamer


     The Wadi Ghriba Basin is one of the sub-basins of the Wadi Al-Tharthar Basin, which is located within the territory of Al-Jazira in Anbar province, western Iraq, between two viewing circles (33° 40' 45" - 33° 47' 59") North, arc length (42° 54' 3" - 43° 7' 43") it occupies an area of (144.296) km2, the study aims to estimate the volume of surface runoff for water gravel purposes, as the study was based on the (SCS-CN) model, the study showed the existence of five types of land cover uses, that is, it is characterized by the diversity of its land cover, and it also showed the existence of two types of hydrological soils, represented by soils of varieties (A,B), this indicator shows that the study area is characterized by medium surface runoff due to the presence of this type of soil, the high value of (CN) and the low values of the coefficient (S), in addition, the study pointed to the possibility of establishing reservoirs to harvest water in the identified areas in order to develop the area for future investments.

Keywords: Wadi Ghariba, Surface Runoff, Water Harvesting.


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2023-09-01 — Updated on 2023-09-02