Sources of pollution and its impact on the characteristics of soils in the bridge district (Al-Mada'en district)


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  • Haider Hadi Jawad Al-Obaidi Prof. Dr. Shahla Thakir Tawfiq


     The research aims to know the physical and chemical properties of the soil on the one   hand and to reach a better understanding of the behavior of the soil and its impact on the biological environment on the other hand, that the studied physical and chemical properties greatly affect agricultural production, as soil pollution leads to a lack of production so it became necessary and for Achieving abundant agricultural production must be preceded by a study of these characteristics and knowledge of what works to pollute them, along with identifying the appropriate plant for each type of the types of soils, and more precisely, the study of some of the physical and chemical properties of the soil

was aimed at identifying those properties and their impact directly and indirectly on soil pollution with salinity and heavy elements first, and then indicating the suitability of the studied soil for agricultural production, which will become clear later, and that the process of studying these properties Especially the chemical ones (electrical conductivity, pH, positive and negative ions) before being exposed to pollution, which we will continue to identify in this research.

Keywords: pollution, soil. Bridge, Cities.


2023-09-01 — Updated on 2023-09-02