Demographic indicators for widowed women in Anbar Governorate for the year 2022


  • Dr. Daniel Mohsen Bash


Over the years, the country has been exposed to many political crises, transformations and changes that have been linked to the social and economic life of society, which has generated the emergence of a weak category, which is the category of widows. What is meant by a widow is a woman whose husband has died and has not yet married and who has taken care of her orphaned children, and the diversity of life pressures that women face The widow may affect her life and her capabilities, which makes it difficult for her to reconcile her family, social and economic life, and they live in a state of instability as a result of the many different life conflicts they are exposed to. Widowed women in the study area for the year 2022 were (15,290) widows, which constituted (5.5%) of the total cases of widowhood in Iraq, amounting to (278,676) widows. Crude and general widowhood indicators were extracted according to age groups, and the general widowhood rate is one of the best measures, as it reached ( 47.6) per thousand, as well as identifying the characteristics of widowed women in terms of monthly income, returnees of housing, period of widowhood, level of education, age structure, number of children for widowed women, and finally the reasons for the death of the husband.

Terms: widow, breadwinner, social problems, depression, frustration

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2023-09-01 — Updated on 2023-09-02