Spatial modeling of indicators of environmental degradation in the soils of the Nahrawan region


  • Hanan Yahya Muhammad, Prof. Dr. Abeer Yahya Ahmed


The study area (Al-Nahrawan) was characterized by being an industrial and residential area, and its location in the southeast of Baghdad governorate had a decisive impact on its social composition and its important economic role. Unnatural ones that directly or indirectly harm humans, living organisms, or the environment in which they exist. This importance was the reason for choosing it as a study area for the purpose of confirming a scientific fact that is considered as a significant value.

. The research problem stems from the elements polluting the soil in the study area and their spatial variation to show the research hypothesis explaining this spatial variation in the light of their spatial relationships in the Nahrawan region.

Keywords: Spatial modeling, environmental degradation, map.

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2023-09-01 — Updated on 2023-09-03