Morphological changes of the section of the Euphrates River between the Fallujah and alhindia dams


  • Omar Mahmood Alawi - prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Sattar Jaber


The study area is located between the Fallujah and alhindia dams، the importance of the study lies in the fact that they are agricultural areas that contributed to human settlement, where they encouraged the practice of various human activities, based on satellite visuals (Landsat 7 dated 5 /4 / 1987 (8 Landsat dated 5/4/2004) and(8 Landsat dated 5/4/2022) with an accuracy of 30 meters and using the (10.8 ArcGIS ) program, landforms were extracted for three years to find out the morphological changes of the Euphrates River, and after conducting morphological analysis and applying mathematical and statistical equations, it was found that there was a change in the level of measurements and dimensions of river bends for three periods of time as a result of fluctuating discharge quantities with the combination of other natural and human factors, as well as a change in the forms and numbers of the number of river islands reached in the first year (15 islands) and(20 islands ) in the second year (34 islands) in the third year، the reason for the increase in numbers is due to the direction of the river from erosion to sedimentation processes due to the lack of drainage quantities and the impact of natural and Human Factors in the study area.

Keywords: (Fallujah, morphology, changes)


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