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Narrative Character Patterns in Abbas Latif’s Novels


  • Jinan Mahdi Hammadi Prof. Rabab Hashem Hussein


novels / personality types / main characters / secondary character.


The novelist Abbas Latif is one of the writers of Iraq, who was distinguished by his numerous writings. As he wrote in criticism, theater, novel and story, and since his birth in Baghdad in 1959, his first attention was born in childhood and in the corridors of the primary school. The Arabic language and I talked about his way of writing the creation. In this research, I addressed the types of characters in the novels of the writer Abbas Latif and found it necessary to clarify their concept as it represents an important threshold for probing the personal worlds that contribute to building the narrative receiver. The process of drawing characters is not an easy process. The novelist must be familiar with his characters and their temperament, goals and ambitions in order to be able to define their social and psychological dimensions with high accuracy.