Problems Of Speed And Accuracy Of Visual Perception Of The Color Variable For Maps Of The Geographical Distribution Of Communicable Diseases In The Governorates Of Central Iraq For The Period (2015-2019)


  • 1Hanadi Talib Ismail Al-Qaisi 2 Dr. Shaymaa Akram Ahmed Al-Jubouri


visual perception, color classification, contrast of colors×


The map is the language of geography, the symbols represented by cartographical are the language of maps, and visual perception is the ability to interpret the information transmitted from visible light to the eye. Choosing the optimum symbols and colors in order to reach the best, fastest and most accurate visual perception for the user, as well as avoiding the difficulties and problems of confusion and complexity. Cartography when designing, as well as the problems that lead to poor speed and accuracy of the reader's visual perception of maps, And after conducting a questionnaire on a random sample of university professors and graduate and undergraduate students, the research concluded that GIS provides wide options when selecting the appropriate colors to represent the map data, and that the use of the color gradient (Temperature) achieved the fastest visual perception among the search maps from (10) degrees by (6.67), and the slowest visual perception was for the color gradient map (Purple-Red Bright) by (5.25), and the color gamut achieves faster perception the higher the degree of contrast of the colors used to encode the map, and overall, the color coding achieves excellent perceptual accuracy, especially when representing Rate the data directly.


2023-11-08 — Updated on 2023-12-03