The Paradox in Fadl Khalaf Jabr’s Poetry


  • Assit. Prof. Dr. Jamal Ajeel Sultan AL-Azbeje


Irony, irony, dramatization, reader


The aesthetics of the text that was the subject of our study included irony of all kinds as a tool for controlling others' emotions. By flipping the significance, sowing shock and awe, and setting up mental traps, irony has the power to draw the reader into the text's world and turn him into a partner. A good reader looks for deep writings, which demand mental work, in-depth thought, and the pursuit of the intended meaning, rather than direct declarative texts.

This title was not picked at random; rather, it was the product of a thorough perusal of the poet's volumes. I discovered that they are packed with a wide variety of lyrical paradoxes, enough to inspire a master's thesis or a Ph.D. dissertation. Because of the narrow scope of our academic research, I summed it up as (verbal and dramatic irony, irony, and sarcasm


2023-11-08 — Updated on 2023-12-03