Spatial Variations Of The Concentrations Of Petroleum Materials In The Waters And Sediments Of The Shatt Al-Arab River In (Abu Kasib District) And Environmental Effects


  • Assistant. Prof Dr. Sorour Abdul-Amir Hamzah Prof. Dr. Nameer Nathir Murad Ali


petroleum materials, Basement sediments, Hydrocarbon pollutants.


The results of the current study showed that the concentrations of petroleum hydrocarbons in the water and sediments of the longitudinal section studied (Abu Al-Khasib District) recorded high concentrations of petroleum materials in the bottom sediments compared to their presence in the water mass for both seasons . To witness seasonal and locational variation, Its percentage increased during the winter compared to the summer, The reason is that bacteria break down petroleum hydrocarbons in a temperature range 30-40 degrees Celsius, and a lower temperature reduces the activity of organisms that decompose petroleum materials , As for our two locations, their values ​​increased in the first station, due to its proximity to the Al-Khorah irrigation canal, which is a berth for boats and ships, with a population increase, and they decreased in the second and third stations.


2023-11-08 — Updated on 2023-12-03