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The Position of the United States of America on the Military Coup in Bolivia and The Assumption of Power Hugo Banzer 1971 – 1973


  • Tahanee Nseef Aaeada mamun Shakir Ismael


United States - Bolivia – 1971 Coup – Hugo Panzer – Peace Corps .



Bolivia's history has been linked to military coups more than any other country as a result of rampant corruption, mismanagement of governance and low economic performance, which the Bolivian military found a justification to pounce on power in order to save the country from collapse and reform its institutions and economy, convinced that the policy of pressuring the Bolivian regime for moderation had failed, the United States called for a more direct approach, in an attempt to find a better alternative, and to fund anti-regime groups. The United States put the money behind its policy, Supporting the leaders of the right-wing military wing as a guarantee of stability, taking advantage of the army's need for loans and military aid to get out of political crises .