The Approach Of Mr. Abbas Al-Moussawi (May God Protect Him) In Prohibiting Usury


  • Sari Saadoun Jassim Hamid Dr. Muhammad Mahmoud Muhammad


Approach - Prohibition - Interpretation – Usury.


    This research employs both inductive and analytical methods to focus on the life and analytical approach of Abbas Al-Musawi, with the goal of providing clear insights. It encompasses an introduction, two main sections, a conclusion, and a list of sources used. This effort represents a comprehensive study of the life and scholarly contributions of Sayyed Abbas Al-Musawi.

The first section delves into Sayyed Abbas Al-Moussawi's life, encompassing details such as his name, birth, and his scholarly journey. It also explores his migration to the Holy City of Najaf, the challenges he faced, the reasons for his prolonged stay there, and the prominent scholars and individuals who were influenced by him, along with his subsequent students who benefited from his knowledge.

    In the second section, the research focuses on Abbas Al-Moussawi's approach to interpreting verses related to legal rulings. It includes an examination of the linguistic and terminological definitions of usury, the rationale behind its prohibition, and the specific Quranic verses that explicitly forbid usury.          

     The section also highlights the findings derived from this research, shedding light on Mr. Abbas's extensive work on the subject of usury, its societal implications, the legal rulings associated with it, and the verses that unequivocally prohibit any involvement with usury in any form.

     In conclusion, this research aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of Abbas Al-Musawi's life and his scholarly contributions, particularly in the context of usury and its religious significance. The sources used in this research are carefully documented. After extensive effort and dedication, I present this work with the hope that it contributes to a deeper understanding of the truth.


2023-11-08 — Updated on 2023-12-03