Geographical Analysis of Wood Industries in Baqubah and AlKhalis Districts (Comparative Study)


  • Hassan Mahmoud Rasheed Almamouri Prof. Anwer Salim Ramadhan Alwaeli


: labor, raw materials, production, marketing


Wooden industries are one of the branches of manufacturing industries, which highlight their importance at the level of Iraq in general and Diyala Governorate, represented by Baqubah and Alkhalis districts in particular, because of their important role in supporting the national economy, and their importance in attracting various production requirements.

The research aims to reveal the importance of wood industries in terms of the impact of production factors, leading to knowing the quantity of production and its marketing trends, as well as knowing the most important standards and their spatial analysis and their impact on the growth and development of wood industries in the districts of Baqubah and Alkhalis. To achieve this, the data was tabulated into statistical tables and converted into a percentage for comparison. At the level of administrative units, maps and charts were used, and the statistical package (SPSS) was adopted through the use of the Pearson correlation coefficient.

The research reached a number of results, the most significant of which is the presence of spatial variation in the quantity of production in Baqubah and Alkhalis districts and at the level of administrative units for the year 2021, as the quantity of production in Alkhalis district reached (12,950) pieces, and the highest percentage of production reached (50.2%) in Habhab district and the lowest percentage in Al-Salam district reached (1.6%), while in Baquba district the quantity of production reached (7350) pieces, and the center of Baquba district had the highest percentage at (74.8%) and the lowest percentage in Al-Abara district reached (3.4%).

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