Spatial and Temporal Variation of Urban Expansion of the City of Baghdad Between 1998-2018 Using Remote Sensing Data


  • 1Inst. Alyaa Gatea Sheltagh (PhD.) 2Assist. Tech. Ragad N. Hussein


urban expansion , agricultural lands ,remote sensing, spatial, temporal variation


This research deals with the expansion at the expense of agricultural land, its pattern, city morphology and real estate problems in cities, as these lands have economic importance, but the construction brigades are at the expense of these lands. Due to the obstacles facing the city in terms of expansion (agricultural lands), and the increase in the population, the demand for housing and equipment has increased, and the situation has resulted in spontaneous consumption of the field and expansion in a random manner. Based on the current situation of the study area, we have developed a set of suggestions which revolves around directing the expansion and preservation of agricultural real estate in the future.

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