Advancement and Delay in Ayat al-Kursi and Its Effect on the Grammatical Meaning


  • Inst. Maysoon Abdul-Jabbar Dawood Al-Basri (PhD)


advancement, delay, grammatical meaning.


The research aims to elucidate instances of anteriority and posteriority in Ayat al-Kursi and their impact on syntactic meaning. There are studies that investigate sentence structures, word parsing, and how diacritical marks at their conclusion undergo changes based on shifts in syntactic placement. Additionally, there are studies that examine and expound upon the meaning, providing extensive insights, with no clearer evidence than the content found in exegesis literature. Professor Dr. Fadel Saleh Al-Samarrai initiate the exploration of grammatical meanings, intending to unveil the essence through the process of syntactic analysis. Dr. Fadel highlightes that many issues related to meaning remain unexplored. Hence, a study of syntax based on meaning is imperative, as it bestows beauty upon the meaning, a beauty more profound than any other. I choose the instances of anteriority and posteriority postponement because they are crucial phenomena influencing meaning, aspects addressed by both grammarians and rhetoricians alike. Then, I select Ayat al-Kursi for its virtue, as it is authentically reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) considered it the most superior verse in the Quran.

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