General conditions of the East Indies during the world economic crisis and beyond 1929-1939


  • Nour Al-Huda Riad Ayoub, Prof. Dr. Safaa Karim Shukr


economic crisis , Germany , East Indies , Dutch colonialism


the countries of the world, including the Netherlands and the east indies, were affected by the economic crisis of 1929 (the great depression, which hit the great powers in a major recession, and this crisis is classified as one of the most violent and powerful crises that passed through the world during the 20th century, and there was no doubt that the economic crisis had a direct impact on the policies of countries around the world.  the effects of the crisis also reflected on all colonies, including the east indies as colonies of the Netherlands. security in the territory of east indies had been undermined and their desire to break free from Dutch colonialism has been evident, with the establishment of a number of parties and the widespread national awareness among the strata of east indies society.

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