Building a map of potential water erosion in the Wadi Al-Baswa basin using GIS &RS


  • Inst. Hayam Numan Falih Mohammed (Ph.D.)


water erosion, Wadi Al-Bossa, GIS, Gavrilovic models


The current study aims to apply a model Erosion Potential Method (EPM), To estimate the potential water erosion of the Wadi Al-Baswa basin, by relying on indicators affecting soil erosion, especially the regression factor, The nature of surface and soil formations, and the extent of their resistance to erosion processes, In addition to the effect of vegetation cover, which has an important role in protecting the soil from erosion, As well as using precipitation rates and temperature, which facilitates its erosion.

In light of this, the researcher used GIS software, especially Arc map 10.8, To extract the indicators required to apply the EPM model, As it becomes clear that the largest part of the area of the region, which is (84.6) km2, out of the total area of ​​163 km2, is It is exposed under the influence of medium erosion, at a rate of (51.9%), losing about (500-1500) m3 / km 2 / year, This is due to the basin’s lack of adequate protection as a result of the weak or absence of vegetation cover and the exposure of the soil to disintegration, which facilitates its erosion. In addition, about (22.8%) of the area is subject to severe erosion, The rate of soil loss is estimated at (1500-5000) m 3 / km 2 / year, especially within the weak resistance formations, severe slope, and weak vegetation cover.

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