The grammatical efforts of Sheikh Sulaiman Al-Ahmad (1363 AH) in the Diwan Al-Makzoun Al-Sinjari (638 AH)


  • Ali Rasheed Saleh Prof. Musa Jaafar Al-Harkani (Ph.D.)


grammatical efforts, Sheikh Suleiman Al-Ahmad, Linguistic efforts


The research focuses on the grammatical efforts presented by Sheikh Sulaiman Al-Ahmad for the Arabic language, in terms of mentioning new opinions that contradict the grammarians who preceded him, and his tendency towards one opinion over another. The importance of this research lies in the fact that Sheikh Sulaiman Al-Ahmad is well-versed in the Arabic language, preserving its ancient Arabic books. His linguistic stances are characterized by a great deal of accuracy in defining concepts and clarifying meanings. It should be noted that the opinions extracted from Sheikh Sulaiman Al-Ahmad come through the book “Diwan Al-Makzoun Al-Sinjari (638 AH)”, which he explains. His explanation tends to focus on the language in most parts of the Diwan in terms of grammar, morphology, and vocabulary. However, we will suffice in this research to what has been mentioned regarding grammatical efforts only.

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