General Edmund Allenby's strategy for occupying Jerusalem in 1917


  • Elaf Adnan Abdel Rahman Prof. Rana Abdul Jabbar Hussein Ph.D


Allenby - Jerusalem - Lloyd George


General Edmund Allenby is considered one of the important figures in British history. His military and administrative role became prominent in the last years of World War I. He proved worthy that he is a man of difficult situations, as he was able, through his military strategy and administrative skill, to support British Prime Minister Lloyd George’s plan to transfer battles. From the western front in France, the impact of the losses incurred by his forces in those areas, to the eastern front, starting from Palestine, the main gate for the concentration of Ottoman forces in the east, on the one hand, and on the other hand, the strategic importance its location constituted for Britain. General Edmund Allenby was assigned to lead the British campaign to occupy Upon his arrival, the latter began to organize the military forces and raise their efficiency and improve them, and Allenby was able to defeat the Ottoman army and occupy Jerusalem on (December 9, 1917). I divid  the research into three axes. The first axis concerns with Lloyd George’s plan to control the East. The second axis: Allenby assuming leadership of the British campaign to occupy Jerusalem. The third axis is concerned with General Allenby’s strategy for occupying Jerusalem in 1917.

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