Lebanon's position on the Algerian issue in the Arab League and the United Nations (1954-1962)


  • Dania Uday Abbas Asst. Prof . Sudad Abdul Hussein Al-Rubaie (Ph.D.)


Lebanon's position, the Algerian issue, the Arab League, the United Nations


This research includes a historical follow-up of the Lebanese diplomatic support for the Algerian issue during the period 1954-1962 through the Arab League and the United Nations. The Lebanese position in support of the Algerian revolution was not limited to material and moral support only, but rather went beyond to the diplomatic support, which was represented by the Lebanese position which support the Algerian issue. In the meetings of the Arab League and the United Nations in its capacity as an essential member of it, Lebanon took the initiative from the beginning of the revolution to support it by preparing general opinion to support the Algerian cause and stand against the French colonial policy and its criminal actions in Algeria. It also expressed its support and assiat and its sense of duty and responsibility towards this issue as well as His denunciation of French assist against the Algerian people and his recognition of the right of the Algerian people to self-determination and the legitimacy of their demands. The Lebanese diplomatic effort had a clear positive impact on the Algerian issue and accelerated the issue of the French-Algerian negotiations that led to the Algerian people obtaining their legitimate right to self-determination and their final freedom from French tutelage.

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