Mawaqif Magazine’s Treatment of the Conditions of Arab Women (1970-1994)


  • Kawthar Salim Hanith AL_Saaeidi Prof. Saad Nassif Jassim Al-Jumaili (Ph.D.)


Arab women, Mawaqif magazine, the right to equality, women’s participation


International law stipulates in international conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights the principle of the right to equality, but it is still not applied in most Arab constitutions. Improving the status of Arab women does not occur against men or in isolation from them. Men and women are in solidarity and interdependence, and everything that benefits or harms one of them,benefits and defends each other and no matter how diverse a woman’s situation in society is, there is no justification for diminishing her status as a human being, nor is there any justification for any legal discrimination that invalidates or restricts women’s recognition of all human rights or limits their full enjoyment and exercise. In addition, the research aims to examine the great efforts made by Lebanese women to obtain their political rights to nominate and vote in elections, as they are deprived of their political rights until the issuance of the legislative decree on February 18, 1953, which allowed them their political rights. In addition to the role of Palestinian and Sudanese women who plays a prominent role in demanding their political and social rights

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