Spatial Analysis of Electrical stations and the Amount of their water consumption in Baghdad Governorate


  • Arshed Hamzah Hadi Alshammari Prof . Muna Ali Daij (Ph.D.)


Water proportion, electrical power, fuel consumption


The research aims to know the uses of water to produce thermal electrical power and the water proportion consumed, such as the thermal South Baghdad Power Station and Al-Dora Power Station in Baghdad Governorate, and also to know the water consumption for cooling purposes for gas stations such as the South Baghdad Station, Al-Taji Station, Al- Dora Station, Al-Quds Station, and Al-Zafaraniyah Station, and spatial analysis of the important and main electrical stations in Baghdad, because of the importance of electrical power in all areas of economic and social life and the development that has occurred in the field of industry, with what we see now for the widespread use of electrical power for public services for people. This project needs development and must be taken care of the competent authorities to the use of electrical power and provide the water necessary for generation, cooling , knowledge of fuel consumption and its source, and knowledge of the spaces occupied by these stations in the future as a result of the development of the stations and the urban expansion of the population as a result of the increase in population in recent years.

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