Shaqar Islanda Study of Its General Conditions (92-639H/710-1241)


  • Inst. Rasha Hasan Zaghir Al-Saadi(Ph.D.)


Shakar Island, Alfonso VI, Andalusia


This research focuses on the general conditions on the Andalusian island of Shaqar, as it occupies great importance. Due to its distinguished geographical location, which provided it with many advantages, this city was subjected to many attacks by Christian kingdoms, especially the Kingdom of Castile during the reign of its king Alfonso VI. However, despite this, the city witnessed an intellectual and economic renaissance, due to the fertility of the land and its abundance of Water, the diversity of agricultural crops, the availability of raw material for the establishment of many industries, and its location on trade routes, with have led to the development of public life in all its aspects. The conclusion from what was reported about the city is that it was distinguished by its great role in the Andalusian civilization. Its prominent men were the first to work on the cause of its development in all aspects. We find that its scholars undertook their scientific trips to take from the nectar of science and knowledge wherever it was, and its residents crowded into the gatherings of scholars to acquire knowledge and knowledge, as it became one of The famous Andalusian cities that contributed effectively to the transfer of Arab-Islamic heritage and civilization, whether to Morocco or European countries.

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