Cultural Formation of Women in the Novels of lnaam Kachachi


  • Zainab Muhammad Munshid Asst. Prof. Jamal Ajeel Sultan Al-Azbaji (PhD.)


women, cultural references, cultural legacies


The research deals with cultural references and their impact on the artistic construction of the novels of writer Eanaam Kachaji. Tracing the cultural references of women in the studied novels clarifies Kachachi’s strategy in constructing her narrative world and helps clarify the cognitive backgrounds behind it, and how the intellectual and cultural structure is represented in the narrative construction. Since the narrative genre is loaded with its dialogic specificity and is consistent with non-literary discourses, whether religious, literary, or historical, and is open, away from the textual framing, to formulate the cultural identity of nations, the writer relied on the various cultural legacies and references: social, historical, religious, and literary, and sent them anew in her speech to reach A specific vision that addresses the identity of the traders, and these legacies formed a clear imprint on the writer’s achievement because of their direct or indirect semantic dimensions and were an important part of the structural and thematic fabric of the novels because of their connection to highlighting problems and issues that are specific to women.

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