Political Perspective in Ali Bader's Novels


  • Marwa Raad Bash Agha Prof. Bushra Moosa Salah(P.hD.)


Perspective, Novel, Identity, Belonging


Perspective is one of the most important concepts that modern criticism has introduced in the analysis of the fictional text, as the perspective carries the writer's own vision, and his view in presenting the event, building the narration, and employing the characters, whether through presenting the perspective in the way of the omniscient narrator, or the participating narrator, or a combination of both. As for the political determination, as one of the important perspectives that the narrators expressed in fictional texts, it takes the side of importance for the effect that politics exercises in social life and all aspects related to man, so that the writer's view is expressive of his political perspective.As for the novelist Ali Badr, he is one of the most prominent novelists who employes the political perspective in the novel. The novelist lives the circumstances of displacement, so the life he lived was a starting point for revealing the different characters, and the different visions in the narration. He defines for us the masculine side, the feminine side, and the impact of politics on the individual's behavior, and then their belonging to a certain direction, to highlight his political perspective, in conjunction with the characters and events they experienced. In this research, we will try to define Ali Badr's perspective on the idea of belonging and building identity.

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