Sexual Interpenetration in the News of Bab al-Adab by Osama bin Munqidh (584) AH


  • Fatima Basim Abdel Hassan Asst. Prof. Hazem Hassan Saadoun (Ph.D.)


genres interference,news, Door of literature, Osama bin Munqidh


This study, titled of (Genres Interference in News of Doors of Literature by Usama bin Munqidh), sheds light on the diversity of genres in the news of Usama bin Munqidh, and also reveals the methods of overlap between the genres in that era, as the literary genres are not fixed and change from one era to another. We find that the overlap is intentional because of its impact on the recipient, as well as an attempt to break down the barriers between the various literary arts. The enjoyment of news is not complete unless there is another source of news to move the enjoyment indicator within it, and this source is poetry, as the presence of poetry strengthens the content of the news. Poetry may occupy a distinguished position and outperform the prose side of the news, or the opposite may happen and prose outperforms poetry, or poetry may come to bring diversity among genders, as well as to add more pleasure and suspense.

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