Pilgrimage factors in the book Peshawar Nights


  • Ahmed Taher Hussein Assoc. Prof. Adi Hussein Ali


: argumentative factors, layali bishawar, alshiyrazi


Argumentation is one of the topics of language and its basic center on which it is based, and the argumentator must be familiar and knowledgeable about the techniques, methods, or methods of argumentation. To be able to convince others of an idea or topic, and change the point of view of the recipients, the goal of the pilgrims is to persuade and influence the recipient by providing evidence and proof for a thesis. Argumentative factors are considered an important topic of linguistic argumentation, in which the argumentator attempts to limit and restrict all interpretations and possibilities for a topic or idea to one result in which the speaker seeks to convince the addressee of it. I have chosen examples of these factors in the book Nights of Peshawar, which is a doctrinal book that seeks In it, his author (Sayyid Al-Shirazi) sought to convince his opponents of the validity of the Shiite doctrine and prove the authority of Imam Ali (peace be upon him). The researcher concludes that the argumentative factors, including (negation of except, but, and almost) in the book (Peshawar Nights), fulfilled their argumentative function of convincing the recipients of the issues raised.

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