The Semantics of the Nominal Sentence in the Work of Al-Qawwas Al-Halabi (d. 1000 AH) in his Book 'Maqamat Al-Qawwas Al-Halabi


  • Mariam Fadhil kareem Assoc. Prof. Hamasat mohammed hasan


Al-Qawwas Al-Halabi, Maqamat Al-Qawwas, Sentence Semantics, Nominal Sentence Semantics


The entitled research "The Semantics of the Nominal Sentence in the Work of Al-Qawwas Al-Halabi (d. 1000 AH)," addresses the study of the Arabic sentence, which has been ambiguously discussed by many ancient and modern grammarians due to their failure to distinguish between the terms "sentence" and "speech." Some grammarians have adopted the view that speech and the sentence are synonymous. Therefore, the aim of this research is to uncover the hazy elepict in which grammarians fell while attempting to differentiate between them. The researchers, then, have proceeded to study the semantics of the nominal sentence in the Al-Qawwas's Maqamat and the semantics of the various patterns of nominal sentences, attempting to clarify the impact of these patterns within the contexts presented in Al-Qawwas's Maqamat. This research comprises an introduction in which the researchers have introduced the life of Al-Qawwas Al-Halabi and his literary Maqamat. Moreover, the reserachers have also provided an introduction to the Arabic sentence, followed by an exploration of the semantics of the nominal sentence and its patterns within the contexts of Al-Qawwas's Maqamat. As a result, This has revealed the significance of each form and pattern of the nominal sentence used by Al-Qawwas, demonstrating his intention to employ them for a specific semantic purpose within his Maqamat.

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