Psychological capital and its relationship to future thinking among university students


  • أ.د بشرى كاظم سلمان


This current research is to identify the psychological capital of university students, which is the future thinking skills of university students, and to find the relationship between them In order to achieve the objectives of the research, the scale of Abu Al-Amati and Ahmed was adoptedwhich is based on the theory of Do not forget Luthans I 2008, which consists of four dimensions, which are self-efficacy, optimism, hope and flexibility. In light of this, 35 items were formulated according to the extent of response, which is to a large degree, to a medium degree, to a small degree. The psychometric properties of the scale that is applied to the research sample have been verified. 200 male and female students, as well as adopting the Abd al-Hussein Future Thinking Scale 2020, which is based on Torrance’s theory. The scale consists of 30 estimated items distributed over six skills of future thinking, that is, five items for each skill according to the extent of response. Ali rarely does not apply to him at all. Likewise, a psychometric license was extracted for the scale, and then the data was collected and analyzed statistically. The current research reached the following results that university students have psychological capital, although there is a discrepancy between the levels of the dimensions that have been referred to. Also, university students possess thinking skills. The future, perhaps the most prominent of which is the skill of future planning, and I imagine the future, as well as I expect the future, and there is also a positive function relationship between the dimensions of RA o Psychological money and future thinking skills and in the light of these results, a number of recommendations and proposals have been developed Introductory Words (Psychological Capital - Future Thinking)

Keywords: Psychological Capital - Future Thinking


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