Constructing Choosing healthy foods scale for kindergarten children


  • أ.م.د. إيمان يونس إبراهيم


The current research aimed to build a measure of healthy food selection depicted among kindergarten children.  To answer this question, the researcher used a sample of (100) male and female kindergarten children (preparatory stage) in Baghdad Governorate / Education Directorates in Rusafa (first, second, and third). (Social cognitive learning), the items of the scale consisted of colored pictures, and the statistical methods represented by the Pearson correlation coefficient, the Spearman-Brown equation, and the paragraph discrimination coefficient equation were used. The scale included (76) colored illustrated items represented by (10) domains, and the time period that The test is (30) minutes, and the researcher concluded that it is possible to measure the choice of healthy foods among kindergarten children, and that kindergarten children do not have the ability to choose healthy foods, and in light of the results of the current research, a number of recommendations and proposals were reached.

Keywords: Choosing healthy foods, kindergarten children.

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2023-09-01 — Updated on 2023-09-02