Socio-psychological adjustment among middle school students In the city of Baghdad


  • Dr. Raghad Ibrahim


The concept of socio-psychological adaptation indicates a relatively permanent state in which the individual is psychologically, socially, personally, and emotionally adapted, whether with himself or with his environment, and in which he feels happy with himself and with others, where he is able to achieve himself and exploit his abilities and capabilities to the maximum extent possible, and this leads On his ability to face the demands of life, thus creating from him an integrated personality together, and a normal behavior, and the social and psychological adjustment of individuals is a process of satisfying their needs, which are raised by their motives in order to achieve their satisfaction with themselves and their sense of satisfaction, and the individual is adaptive if he deals with others with regard to these needs, And he did what fulfills his desires to his satisfaction and the satisfaction of others, the aim of this study is to find out whether the individuals in middle schools have a good social psychological adjustment, or not. The research sample was selected consisting of (300) male and female students divided into (155) males (145) females who are present in middle schools in the city of Baghdad. The results indicated: 1- The middle school students have a good social and psychological adjustment. 2- The male students have a better socio-psychological adjustment than the female students. 3- There is no difference in socio-psychological adjustment between ages (16, 17, 18) years.

Key words: adjustment, social psychological adjustment, good social psychological adjustment, primary school students, the city of Baghdad.

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2023-09-01 — Updated on 2023-09-02