Guidance play to evaluate the disordered behavior of children


  • أ. د. لمياء جاسم محمد


    The aim of the current study is to shed light on the importance of guidance in the style of play because play is used to satisfy children's arguments, especially since play is a need that needs to be satisfied in itself and allows play venting pressure in order for the individual to maintain psychological balance because it is a way to express repressed emotions through play and through it can also diagnose behavioral disorders and thus develop a strategy for treating the disorder and since play is a psychological need, its methods are related to aspects of growth (Psychological, social, cognitive, and emotional) In other words, the child becomes during play an open book, through which we can find out the causes of behavior disorder in children. From the foregoing, play is a diagnostic and evaluation method to evaluate disordered behavior in children.      

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2023-09-01 — Updated on 2023-09-02