The Effect of Temperature: Disturbed modern types and conditions - study and application -


  • Nada Sajid Hameed


The current research aims to know:

1.The borderline personality of university students.

  1. Childhood experiences of university students.
  2. The significance of the correlation between borderline personality and childhood experiences among university students.

The scales of borderline personality disorder and childhood experiences were applied to a sample of (400) male and female students from Mustansiriyah University. After statistical analysis, it appeared that university students do not suffer from borderline personality disorder, as the t-test value is (-5.32), which is smaller than the tabular t-value. However, the results showed that most of the students had had traumatic experiences in childhood. There is also a relationship between borderline personality disorder and childhood experiences. Based on this result, the researcher came up with a set of recommendations and proposals.

Keywords: (The borderline personality, Childhood experiences, university students)

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2023-09-01 — Updated on 2023-09-02